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(also Y-Blocks, Buicks, Cadillacs, Oldsmobiles and Chevys)

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Motors for Sale
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8BA (49-53) 245ci Ford Flathead Motor#37 - 3-3/16 .040 Bore New Stock Pistons/Rings, Stock Crankshaft .010/.010, Stock Rods with new Rods and Mains, Stock Valves and Springs with Howard F10 Camshaft and New Johnson-style Hollow Adjustable Lifters, Stock cast iron heads, Stock 2-barrel Intake Manifold, Stock Distributor with New Plug Wires and Plugs, New Headers. $4000.00 SOLD

 1952 Desoto 276ci Hemi Motor #18- Fresh stock motor with new rings, HD timing chain and gears, Hotheads Timing Cover with SBC water pump, stock camshaft and lifters, 3-deuce custom Intake Manifold with Stromberg Carburetors with Scott Tops, Chrome valve covers, CNC Custom Header Flanges for exhaust - $7,500.00

331ci Chrysler Hemi Motor #22- Fresh stock motor with new rings, polished crankshaft- Std/Std, new double-roller Timing chain/Gear set, Moon aluminum Timing cover, Hotheads BBC water pump adapters, BBC water pump, Stock Distributor with Black Ceramic Plug Wires, Chrome Block Hugger Headers, Chrome valve covers, 4-barrel Intake Manifold - $7,000.00

331ci Chrysler Hemi Motor #23- Fresh stock motor with new rings, Crankshaft turned .010/.010 with new King bearings, new double-roller timing chain/gear set, Stock camshaft and lifters and valve train, Chrome Valve covers, Hotheads BBC Water Pump adapters with BBC water pump, Chrome Block Hugger Headers, Stock distributor with Taylor ceramic boot plug wires, dual 4-barrel Intake manifold with Edelbrock Carburetors and Hilborn Style Breather, Chrome dipstick - $7,500.00

324 ci Olds Rocket Motor#48- 1955 Fresh stock motor with Std Pistons/Rings, Reconditioned Rods, new cam bearings, Valve job with new rockers, new Timing chain, Chrome Valve Covers, Edelbrock 4-deuce intake manifold with 94 Carburetors, chrome Oil fill stand, polished water pump pulley, Chrome oil filter cover. $3500.00

348ci Chevrolet Motor #65 - Fresh rebuilt motor bored out to fit 409ci pistons, making it approx. 380ci. New Pistons/Rings, crankshaft polished and rods reconditioned with Clevite Rods and Main Bearings installed. Valve job on heads with new push rods installed. Chrome Valve covers. No Intake Manifold installed yet. Call if interested. Picture- to be added.


(prices may vary depending on customer preferences of dress-up accessories installed on motors)